Gnostic Christianity in motion…

This video is courtesy of the FFreeThinker’s Science & Reason Channel on YouTube.

Charles Darwin & The Naked Apes, Susie Smartypants And Vive Darwin – How German Kids Learn About Evolution



Comments on: "Evolutionary discourse" (2)

  1. I can’t seem to fully load this post from my droid!!!!

  2. Hi,

    There is no reason to think of Darwin and his theories when we are already human being. It is like Jesus in Jerusalem and Preaching Gospel but the Pharisees and Sadducees were still reading Torah that Christ Jesus will come in the family of David.

    At Samaritan Village, as soon as Jesus opened his mouth, she engaged him in deep discussions that surprised His Labourers. She vetted Jesus in spirit and identified Him as a Prophet. She was St.Photina that the Western People call her a bad woman.

    Watch my Youtube Videos channel nijjhar1.

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